Time & Attendance Management

Web Based Time Clocks

With Internet based time systems employees can punch in-and-out anywhere you have an internet connection, even on a mobile device. Replacing your standard time clocks, hours are then calculated at the end of the week where the employee can then verify hours before submitting off to management for approval. Once hours are approved, the information syncs seamlessly with our payroll system to run your companies payroll. Say goodbye to the waste of time and money of entering and calculating hours by hand.

Physical Time Clocks

Our system also interfaces with almost any type of time clock imaginable. We can utilize your current system, or make a recommendation on a new one if the case may be. We offer card readers, biometric hand scanners, pin-entry, proximity badge and much more. All of these systems will interface with our payroll system, and allow you to save time and money as well as eliminate the possibility of human error via data entry.